Overcoming Mitsubishi Power Steering Squeaking

If the squeaking sound on the car Mitsubishi Kuda Diesel GLS in 2000 occurred when the wheel rotated, means there is damage to the power steering system. Please check that the power steering oil level and condition of mechanical components in it is still perfect. But when a scuffle occurred when the steering wheel was bent and the car running, then this is a result of wheel alignment that has changed. Easy fix, just do spooring.

While the brakes squeaking is not caused by reduced levels of oil. This could mean 2 things. First is the indication of endless brake. But when the brake is still thick, the sound is a result of the dust / pebbles that get stuck between the brake and disc brake. To remove it, open and clean brake.
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Prices and specifications Ducati Diavel

Latest Variant Ducati Motorcycles Ducati is Diavel. Impression of ride comfort seems to be the attention of visitors. According to the U.S. Nugroho, President Director of PT Supermoto Indonesia, the engine used in the 1198 Superbike motor is quite tungguh with 162 Horse Power (HP).

Driving stability is supported with a capacity of 1200 cc engine. "Despite this large-capacity motor but weighs only 207 kg," Nugroho said when launching the event Clas Mild Auto Show Trade Fair 2011 in Convention Hall Tunjungan Plaza 3 floors 6, Surabaya on Wednesday (30/03/2011).

With a power of 162 HP and weighs 207 pounds, this bike is capable sped along the 100 km / hour only with a time just 2.6 seconds. Of course keuatan big motor is supported with a machine that is able to supply large berkuatan these motors. As with previous variants, Ducati Diavel system also features comfort in driving.

"To brake this variant using ABS brakes, Traction Control and use the brembo brakes are used on racing bikes Ducati," he added.

This latest variant is the motor that is very fashionable with LED lights are very cool and luxurious as well as the instrument panel in two places. Contacts operating system using the wireless key, so the rider does not have to use the key but the master sensor placed inside the key in a distance of 2 meters.

For the price, the motor that has not been long in-Launching in Shanghai, China, on March 25, 2011 and there are 2 types. "For this type of standard priced IDR 410 Million and IDR 475 Million Premium for on the road," he explained. While this exhibition period, Ducati will give a special price.
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Suzuki Town Kart, Unique Electric Motors from Suzuki

Do not want to miss in terms of technology or environmentally friendly Eco Friendly, Suzuki showcased the concept of Town Kart electric motor that looks somewhat unique. Most electric motors on show at the arena Jakarta Motorcycle Show (JMCS) 2010 two-wheel like a motorcycle. But, Town Kart in fact have four wheels. Uniquely, Town Kart has a seat, instead of as usual seat motor.

Has the power stored in batteries 2 pieces shield SC24-12 12 volt/22 Ah, Suzuki Town Kart able to supply power to two electric motors DC24V180W which then rear-wheel drive (rear wheel drive) vehicle.

Suzuki Town Kart, Unique Electric Motors from Suzuki
Town Kart is more suitable for the elderly to activity outside the home. Apart from a small and simple, Town Kart suitable for seats that have shaped seat with armrest.

Vehicles with a length of 1.120 mm, width 650 mm, 1.090 mm ​​high and weighing 88 kg is equipped with wheels nonflat 2:50-6-4PR as many as four pieces, two in front and two in the back. This allows the Town Kart more easy to drive.
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Old Car Engine Problem Solution

For matters machines that require precision, the key is only one that is using original spare parts and install it according to standards specified by the manufacturer of the car. But if the original components have been installed according to standards and still cause problems, there may be wear and tear on other components. Wear and tear can be caused by aging components, the use of lubricants that ugly or have experienced extreme conditions such as overheating.

Metal is never exposed to excessive heat will change in character, including the dimensions and value muainya. things like these that sometimes make dizzy when diagnosing and often in vehicles over the age of 10 years.

The safest solution is to re-examine all components of the engine and replace it if something is broken. It also will restore the performance of the car as well as new. But you could also try simple measures such as ensuring that cheap oil is over-charging and check the cooling system like radiators, thermostat and hose-hose.
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How To Transform Platina Into CDI / TCI

Automobile electronic ignition system (Ignition TCI = Transitorized control) that are well known in the indo with a CDI system is different though, but that's common in the know ha ha. Actually, to upgrade from platinum to the CDI you can do yourself without having to utilize the help of the workshop.

As CDI car in the picture above, the CDI is a finished product and we find in many auto parts store with affordable prices and the installation of a practical and fast. With a single cable that utilizes Minus Coil voltage as to mendriver coil to generate high voltage in accordance with the received input signal CDI. In CDI this car uses hall effect sensor which is very sensitive and stable output at all engine RPM point.

The easy way to upgrade / install CDI namely:

  1. Top right cylinder engine 1.
  2. Make sure the direction of the rotor leads to the No. 1 spark plug wires.
  3. Remove the platinum from the stand.
  4. Connect the CDI module.
  5. Put Reluctor CDI (make sure not funny). (Position the sign in accordance with the instructions)
  6. Measure the gap / distance and reluctor module, adjust the provisions of the maker.
  7. CDI cable installation and loose platinum condenser.
  8. Complete the distributor and the engine starter preparation.
  9. Start the engine and check ignition when using a timing light. (When the ignition timing adjusted to the type of vehicle).
  10. Finishing.
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Turbocharger, Maximizing Performance Cars

Turbocharger, Maximizing Performance Cars. Cars equipped with the turbocharger would have greater ability than the car that marks turbocharger. Turbocharger Forced Induction system, compressed air in it and forced into the engine during the combustion process, so that the combustion process becomes more perfect.

Turbochargers use exhaust pressure to turn turbines that will encourage the entry of air into the intake, which in turn is driven by air turbine fuel are common in the carburator in kabutkan henceforth be sent to the combustion chamber. Thus the function of a turbocharger to force air and fuel into the combustion chamber becomes even more so that combustion will occur is greater.

Turbocharger on a car that would include a greater power at high speed, but to round down using a turbocharged engine power will be slightly ngempos. This is due to pressure from exhoust not been able to push air into the intake to the max. But the garage modifications or manufacturer has been able to overcome them by using a device called a dual turbine turbocharger, a turbine for low rpm and a turbine for high RPM. It should be noted also for the car - a car that uses heat generated turbocharger to expand it so that the intake air oxygen levels decrease. So keep in mind the intercooler - should be maintained, because the function of the intercooler is to cool the air entering the intake.

By using the turbocharger is actually more efficient fuel consumption. Because as long as the turbine is not spinning, will fuel supplied in accordance with the needs of the machine. Besides, the resulting sound is more subtle way that is more comfortable on the ear.

Because the turbocharger is always exposed to heat, it will be very vulnerable to the occurrence of damage to the maintenance and checking the condition of bearings and lubricants should always be done if you want this durable turbocharger components.

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Gtrack GPS-GPS Car That Can Tap

There are interesting in carpet INAPA 2010, namely the development of GPS technology continues to evolve. If all this can only indicate directions, there are now GPS can also conduct wiretaps inside the car cabin. Products from Taiwan who has a distributor in Pekanbaru, Riau through PT Primanusa Globalindo has several unique features besides just showing direction only, including real time information from the vehicle.

"In addition to real-time vehicle data, Gtrack can also make tapping sounds in the cab car," said Marketing Gtrack Bayu Nugroho, when met on the mat INAPA 2010, at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Friday (03/26/2010). Other features, GPS Gtrack can detect the position of the vehicle, license plate number, driver's name, even the speed of the vehicle, which is supported by the Digital Map of Indonesia and also Google Maps.
"To make monitoring even easier, either through a PC or mobile phone,"said Bayu, adding that Pertamina had begun using their Gtrack to monitor fuel distribution. Gtrack work using the GSM network, in cooperation with Telkomsel, so as to enable Gtrack enough pulse charging as much as Rp 100,000 per month.

In addition to these excellent features, Gtrack can also accurately estimate the use of fuel, also gave a warning time of service, and when time to pay our car tax.

And if it turns out you naughty driver for the road, Gtrack can be used to disable your vehicle system, which guaranteed the machine will not be lit. One Gtrack GPS units priced at Rp 3 million. But, can also be rented at a cost of Rp 300 thousand per month. And for those of you who are interested, can be visited Topas Tower 6th Floor Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta, or at phone number 0212506252.
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Parking Sensor System for Safety and Driving Comfort

Although most have understood what that Parking Sensor, but the reality, not all cars equipped with these accessories. Whose name is seen necessary accessories are not necessary, the alias is not so important to be used. But whoa, the current parking sensor accessories are not goods that are expensive, it's so affordable for the driver / car owner. Prices are relatively cheap these provide a variety of options.

With the additional accessories Parking Sensor in your car, you will more easily and freely in her special you are driving at the time drove back (either for parking or just backwards). Parking Sensor With help you will be more accurate to figure out how close the object close to your rear bumper. So to avoid collision or collision with other vehicles or objects behind.

Parking there is some type of sensor which provides a 2 point currency to be placed in the rear bumper, but some are providing 4 point of the eye. According to the author of more and more points then his eyes widened Parking Sensor absorption in censoring distance. Once the sensor is installed, then the way it works is fairly easy, when you enter a reverse gear, the sensor is working. Sensors provide a variety of indicators, there is a bar indicator, there are also indicators of the assumptions behind the rest of the distance to the object. In the example below using the sensor with the indicator remaining distance assumption that there are objects behind the bumper.

Accessories Parking Sensors, it looks not so important, but only after its installed and you try it, then the existence of Parking Sensor on your car kendaaran very useful and helps you in driving. Makes you confident your vehicle in reverse. Do not hesitate pairs Parking Sensors accessories on your vehicle, if not have it.
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Lamborghini Ready to Launch 3 New Cars

Lamborghini Ready to Launch 3 New Cars. Because receives positive when displaying three concept cars in recent international exhibition carpet that has lasted some time ago, Lamborghini is rumored to be soon producing three concept cars.

All three are Elemento Sesto, Estoque and Cabrera. The plan also will be realized because of the insistence of the parent company Volkswagen (VW) after seeing the success of their new supercar, Aventador LP700-4 that has been sold out within the next year.

"Volkswagen plans to become the number one car maker in the world in 2018. to it, the Lamborghini was encouraged to create new innovations in terms of a model for future menadatang, "said one source was quoted as saying of Insideline Lamborghini Monday (3/21/2011).

Of the three concept cars that will be made ​​versions of the production and sale outlets, Sesto Elemento seems that in the near future will be produced. Because when displayed at the Paris Auto Show last year, the car is what most attracted the attention of visitors.

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento use capacity 5200 cc V10 engine capable of spitting out power to 570 PS. Elemento Sesto lightweight body for its own use of carbon fiber, the result is the weight of the car only weighs 999 kg.

Body is very light combined with a powerful engine, a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento can be invited to run from rest to 100 km / h in just 2.5 seconds, with a maximum speed reaches 354 km / hour.
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Mazda3 2012 for sale in Thailand

Latest Mazda3 comes with more stylish and porty design. Like its predecessor, there are two variants of sedan and hatchback. Behind the front bonnet seated capacity of 2.0liter engine with a power 147 hp at 6500 rpm with a torque of 182 Nm at 4,000 rpm. This machine combined Activematic 5-speed transmission with shift paddles and ActiveAdaptive Shift (AAS). Headlights Bi-xenon uses while at the stern of the LED.

His driving increasingly comfortable with Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). This car was featured Lightweight Technology that makes its lower weight. Impact canimprove performance by 3% more economical fuel than its predecessor.

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Honda CBR 150R 2011 is Prepared AHM

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) is preparing a Honda CBR 150R 2011. If a late February release of the Honda CBR 250R 2011, currently enrolled AHM Honda CBR150RC on TPT (type registration mark) Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia. Of the code can be ascertained, the bike is CBR 150R 2011. Touching upon the subject of such information, Johanne Loman, Executive Vice President Director AHM diplomatically states are studying these sportbike.

And as mentioned on the assembly (CKD) CBR 150R in the homeland, Johannes Loman only reveal the possibility of CKD could have been.
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