Thursday, April 14, 2011

Honda CBF 1000 F The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie

Honda CBF 1000 F The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie. CBF 1000 F evolved for the 2010 vintage in depth but with discretion. Certainly his style is reworked story better differentiate it from his little sister, 600. The 1000 grants itself so the sharp eye of the CBR 600, supported by integrated turn to a new steering head down to the bottom of the radiator. The stern, at first glance identical, yet evolving with a LED light and small indicators directly inspired by the CB 1000 R This last CBF inspired again, because now boasts an aluminum frame type Mono Blackbone, unlike his predecessor who was content with a steel frame. The motor operates smoothly. Always inherited from the CBR, he sees the compression ratio slightly increase its injection mapping and camshafts retouched the benefit of a couple and a slight increase in power. The exhaust leaves his two outings in favor of a row of four in a very classical.

Honda CBF 1000 F The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie

Detailed review

CBF 1000 is intended to be accessible to all, easy but powerful, comfortable and safe. We meet up with an instinctive driving position, and adaptable to all morphologies, with a saddle and a bubble height adjustable. We note the adjustable levers, a "plus" very pleasant to use, and a new scoreboard, certainly more modern two stones flanking the digital tachometer and a battery of controls built on top of head fork. An onboard computer to monitor consumption, with a display of instantaneous and average consumption. Added to a gauge, a clock and two trips, or the bare minimum for this type of machine. The controls, as often is limited to two buttons on the dashboard, with inaccessible gants. Honda CBF 1000 F By continuing to detail the cockpit, we see various screws and finish well away from the new standards recently appeared with the VFR. Nothing insurmountable, but we feel the influence of "cost-killer" ... We do not want them, in order to propose a workhorse, versatile and accessible to all. The financial impact can play a strong part in the motivation to purchase such a device.

Easy and intuitive

The grip is an obvious confounding, we find here the perfect mastery of the Japanese giant, which makes it a point to offer the market the machines easy and reassuring at first contact. What is already being felt on machines as specific as a CBR or a Goldwing, takes on its meaning. The CBF aims to be accessible to everyone, novice or experienced rider, man or woman, long distance traveler or "switch" urban. Everything contributes to this success, beginning with the driving position and design of the saddle. The CBF is not light, weighing in running order of 245 kg, but at no time of driving it does feel, CBF is still showing strong and agile. Probably close to the tire 160, a rise of more and more scarce, there is not a stranger.

A sum of qualities

The fairing protects very effective when the major axes are discussed. The engine, particulièreHonda CBF 1000 Fent flexible, accepting without complaint gear changes from low revs, allowing a pipe casting and relaxed. He does not mind as long to climb the towers, so always reasonable and civilized. The 107 hp meet there, but so domesticated, history to make the machine easy to control in all circumstances. Maybe not spectacular, but really effective for those who want to use his machine in all weathers, on all roads. Box and clutch are participating in this facility at all times with precise control and smooth. It is the same for the combined braking with ABS, which distributes braking force between front and rear. The suspensions, adjusted rather flexible, prefer comfort rarely at fault, the price may be a slight lack of precision at high speed.

And very few defects

Nothing to worry about after all, especially since our trial was conducted with a motorcycle equipped with two large side panniers, a rise that rarely favors stability at high speed. Suitcases optional conspicuous by their ability and ease of use, equipment that complements the CBF with the practical aspects have not been neglected, with a main stand and place the saddle in order to bake a "U ". CBF "F" is even more convincing than the former. She has retained all the qualities, earning a style less erased and perceived quality in progress at the cost of a tariff increase of 800 € or € 11,090, which seems much anyway.