Thursday, April 14, 2011

Honda T SW-400 Reviews : A good compromise?

Honda T SW-400 Reviews.The world of the scooter is better than ever, as they respond to issues of mobility proved judicious and appropriate. From this observation are developing a range of responses tailored to individual needs. The 125cc class, the course favored by regulators, is carving the pie, but the larger displacement, so they require a motorcycle license, multiplies the possibilities of this handy form of transport.

From there, everything becomes a matter of requirements, cost and compromise. If the 250cc offer more elongated than the 125cc, which may be a little "fair" on major routes, while the big guns, 500cc and over, sometimes admit their limits in terms of urban maneuverability by their weight and size , not to mention a price often result. And if the right engine was around 400cc? Indeed, a 400cc offers much more than a 250cc lengthens, its price and its size remain more or less reasonable, which allows him to draw his own in all the circumstances, as we have it checked by taking the handlebars of the Honda SW-T400. First round of the owner, Honda SW-T400 aims to upscale and flattering appearance.


The scoreboard is based on the automotive world, with a finish beyond reproach. Sorry to use the absence of low fuel for gasoline, or counting the mileage that can still be traveled. We must be content to see the needle on the gauge down into the red zone of the dial: rather light source of worry for the forgetful. Also note the surprising lack of warning, yet so useful on a vehicle known to spend some time in urban congestion, but welcome the présenceHonda SW-T 400de two pockets, one lockable, a plus "valuable asset. The apron, carefully finished, does not avoid unpleasant stir in the legs, yet non-existent on the Tmax for example. Perhaps the fault to a relatively wide central tunnel, and unfortunately covered with lacquer. Better to raise your feet so as not to cover scratches and traces of paint the soles!


The driving position is seriously cons facilitated by a seat height of 740mm and indentations in the deck at the ankle when we put feet on the ground. Very comfortable and reassuring, especially as the seat features a wide back propping perfectly kidneys. SW-T400 is heavy, but its center of gravity very low offsets the charge, making the SW particularly handy in town, especially as the smoothness of the only twin engine that adds to driving pleasure. Of great flexibility and elasticity of real, this twin is shown at ease throughout most plans, leading both the Honda on a net gas in town at a brisk pace on the highway with a speed maximum of about 150 km / h actual: What roll indefinitely legal speeds.

More comfortable Honda SW-T 400U sports

The chassis complies fully with the task, even if it does not like the attack of Tmax. More clumsy in the sequences, less rigorous long fast corners, it shows clearly that does not hunt the same land that the athlete Tmax, but it compensates with a real comfort, practicality most successful (reception passenger space under the saddle), which makes it an enjoyable experience daily. It was confirmed at the combined braking with ABS. The left lever attack both the front and rear brake, while the right stick attacking the front. The single front disc is more than sufficient to the task, and the punch has a very easy and reassuring braking. Honda SW-T400 proves, if need is the accuracy of the formula.

Ideal formula?

It offers almost as much as a maxi-scooter, with an ease of handling, comfort and road handling him opening the door to all types of trips. Approval of the twin's place at the top of its direct competitors. Certainly it does not compete in terms of approval road with Tmax real scarecrow in the field, and no real competitor to date, but it offers much in terms of mobility. At most we would have appreciated a price a little tighter (7450 ​​€, 7950 with ABS) and see a few gaps equipment corrected.